We Love Ezee

Makes your clothes looks like new!

Ezee liquid detergent can be used to wash delicate clothes like chiffon, silks and soft baby woolens. It does not contain soda like other detergents do... And it has a fabric conditioner that keeps the colors of the fabrics alive for a long time. It gently removes the grease and dirt marks from the clothes and make them shiny and looks like a new one. I would definitely recommend this product for your delicate clothes!

By Shefali

The best liquid to wash delicate clothes till date

Be it woolens, silk or any other delicate material, Ezee actually suits all. I have soft toys that need a wash at regular intervals. I used to wash them in normal detergent and then the fur lost shine, became rough and the color faded. Then later, someone asked me to wash them in Ezee. The ones which became rough are soft now and shiny with whatever color is left. They are clean too and do not lose color anymore. After this experiment, I was convinced that it does work differently. Since then, it has been to wash soft sofa covers, and delicate bed linen. The fragrance is also sweet.

By Ankita Khonde

Very gentle on clothes

Ezee liquid detergent is specially made for the winter wear. It can also be used to wash delicate clothes which may lose their shine with hard washing powders. Ezee keeps clothes soft. It also makes sure that the woolen will not shrink due to the use of this liquid detergent.

By Disha Singh